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Statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking March 2019


OP Chocolate Ltd (hereafter “OP” or “OP Chocolate”) strongly opposes slavery and human trafficking and rejects any form of forced labour. This statement establishes our commitment to understanding the risks and ensuring there is no modern slavery occurring in our business or supply chains.

A global human trafficking and forced labour risks assessment of our supply chain has indicated that some of our operations in Ivory Coast for cocoa purchasing requires a stronger monitoring.

This statement relates to the financial year January to December 2019.

Organisational Structure and Supply chains

OP Chocolate Ltd is located in South Wales and is owned by CEMOI Group, whose head office is based in France. As a chocolate and chocolate based confectionery producer OP’s supply chain begins in cocoa producing regions such as The Ivory Coast where CEMOI Group is actively developing and leading sustainable development programmes such as ‘Transparence Cocoa’.

OP Chocolate sources various other raw materials and where possible these are sourced locally from Wales and other parts of the UK.

OP’s customers are retail businesses. A large proportion of OP’s key customers are part of the Stronger Together initiative promoting the issue of Modern Slavery.


The Managing Director has responsibility for leading the company Modern Slavery initiatives. The senior management team has responsibility for developing and promoting these initiatives for the future both internally and throughout the supply chain. The HR Manager has responsibility for communicating and implementing the initiatives throughout the business.

Steps in place

CEMOI manage human trafficking and forced labour risks with our cocoa bean suppliers by:

1st compliance level: For all our cocoa bean suppliers in Ivory Coast, CEMOI has implemented an ethical cocoa bean code of conduct.

2nd compliance level : in addition, for the last 7 years, CEMOI has developed an innovative sustainable development programme (‘Transparence Cocoa’ which represents around 30% of our total cocoa bean purchasing) with additional training and support actions of cocoa communities in tackling human trafficking and forced labour risks.

As for our UK chocolate operations, OP Chocolate Ltd has undertaken a SMETA audit (ethical trade audit for SEDEX members) of itself which tested 2 pillars, Labour Standards and Health and Safety against UK legislation, good practice as defined by SEDEX and the ETI base code.

OP Chocolate Ltd has established a requirement for all suppliers to link on SEDEX to assess the risk level or to complete a supplier questionnaire, clarifying relevant practices. Those identified as high risk will be required to communicate to OP the steps they will carry out to then reduce the risk and ensure incidences of Modern Slavery are not occurring.

OP Chocolate conducts twice yearly audits of its agency labour provider which includes agency labour surveys and investigative interviews.

Upon joining the Company, all employees undergo training on Stronger Together principles in order to raise awareness of slavery and human trafficking and how to identify and report possible occurrences. Posters and leaflets are displayed throughout the site regarding the subject, as well as support available. OP Chocolate also has a whistleblowing line which can be used to report any suspected mistreatment or wrongdoing to its people, product or premises.

Dominic Shaw