Perfect low fat snack only 50 kcals & less than 2% fat

Loved by mums and the rest of the family alike Pink ‘n’ Whites are the perfect snack. Two layers of light and fluffy mallow, one pink, one white sandwiched between two crispy wafers. Tasty, fun, and guilt free.

Pink ‘n' Whites are the perfect snack - a light pink and white fluffy mallow sandwiched between two crispy wafers, a great treat no matter the time of day.

With only 50 kcals and less than 2% fat, it’s completely guilt free and a perfect bit of me time in any diet.

Tasty Pink ‘n’ Whites mallow with a raspberry jam centre!

That’s right, Pink ‘n’ Whites mallow sandwiches are also available with a tasty raspberry jam centre. Adding a burst of Raspberry goodness to every mouthful and creating a whole new mallow experience. So give a Jammie a try!

And don’t worry with less than 2% fat and only 55 calories per piece, Jammies are still the perfect guilt free snack.

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We were established in 1954 by Amish Hunter and Headley Roberts in the heart of beautiful rural Abergavenny.

Over 60 years old and as fresh and tasty as ever, Pink ‘n’ Whites were part of the 4 original lines produced by Hunter and Headley along with snowballs, macaroons, and toffee nougat.

Originally all the production of Pink 'n' Whites was done by hand and distributed in 4 small vans locally for 4 shillings. However, the demand for the fluffy and tasty snack soon meant we had to scale up production to produce enough for everybody!

In 1969 OP bought Hunter and Headley and Pink ‘n’ Whites became part of the OP family meaning we could continue to improve, grow, and produce more crispy tasty mallow wafers than ever before.

Feeling peckish? Don’t worry, we are now stocked in most major supermarkets throughout the UK.